Stay Top Of Your Game With CBD For Focus And Concentration

If you have ever watched football, baseball, basketball or golf, you may have spotted players and coaches chewing gum on the sidelines and during the game. Irritating as this might be, it does serve a purpose other than to distract your attention from the game.

Chewing gum has been proven to help to focus the mind and can help you to study for longer, retain more information, and process information from written or auditory sources. By keeping your body occupied with a repetitive task you can do on autopilot, your brain is free to focus on the task at hand.

This is one of the reasons that the CBD chewing gum has proven so popular with our customers. Chewing your CBD is an incredibly efficient way to experience it and is very similar to using CBD oil drops under the tongue. The mouth is filled with tiny capillaries that allow you to bypass your digestive system. As you chew the gum, 10mg of CBD oil is released. And the simple act of chewing can provide added benefits, as we’ve mentioned above. 

But is this the only way you can use CBD oil to find focus in your life? Let’s explore…


CBD and your morning coffee

Starting the day with a piping hot cup of coffee can set you on the right track. Unless of course, you overdo it on the caffeine and the jitters kick in. What happens next is a rush of energy that cannot be harnessed into anything productive, followed by a crash. You might also enjoy some anxiety thrown into the mix. All in all, not the best start to the day.

This is where CBD comes in. You may have seen CBD cropping up in coffee shops up and down the country. This added extra will soon be as common as a shot of sweet caramel syrup. Our customers tell us that CBD takes away the harsh edges of their morning coffee. The result is a mellow morning beverage that allows them to focus without the jitters or the crash.


Catch up on your Zzz’s

Without a doubt, tiredness is the enemy of productivity. When you need to focus on the task at hand, getting a good night’s sleep is essential. We’ve developed our Canamis Curated Collection for Calm to help those who need to prioritise sleep.

We think of this curated collection as a ritual. It starts with an evening bath bomb, richly scented with mandarin and pomegranate to whisk you away. You can then choose between a slow-release CBD capsule or your CBD oil for an evening dose of CBD. Create a routine so you can wind down for bed. Don't forget to ban screens and other blue light sources from your bedroom.


What does the research say?

There haven’t been any large-scale studies into the benefits of CBD for focus and concentration. But this doesn’t mean that other studies can’t shed some light on the situation. For example, studies that explore the use of CBD oil for anxiety are of interest in this field. After all, you can’t concentrate if you’re anxious. And studies into CBD for sleep are also very interesting to consider in this context.

CBD could potentially offer wide-reaching benefits, but with so many avenues to explore, we’ll have to wait for the research to catch up. For a quick fix, CBD chewing gum appears to have the best evidence for improving your concentration.