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How To Find The Right CBD Dosage For You.

Finding the right CBD dosage for your needs can be very complex. For newcomers, we recognise that the information available can be both patchy and overwhelming. One retailer talks about the strength in terms of a percentage and another describes it as mg per ml.

And even once you’ve picked your CBD oil, how on earth are you supposed to know how much to take? Too little and you risk seeing none of the benefits, but too much could leave you in a sleepy stupor for the rest of the day.

To help quell some of your concerns, we’re going to break down what CBD dosage guidelines really mean. We’ll then offer some guidelines to help you pick your CBD strength and create a dosing schedule that works for you.


CBD dosage explained

CBD potency is calculated in one of two ways, as a percentage, or as mg per ml. The CBD oil is often made up of the active CBD oil and carrier oil. We use pure MCT oil as a carrier oil as this offers a more enjoyable experience. The MCT oil melts under the tongue and leaves no bitter or earthy aftertaste, which is exactly what our customers love about our oil.

The concentration of CBD oil to carrier oil can be shown as a percentage, or as mg per ml. For a 30ml bottle of CBD oil that has 1500mg of CBD, each 1ml will contain 50mg of CBD. In percentage terms, this bottle would be marked as 5%.

While it is not possible to “overdose” on CBD, there are daily limits to observe. If you take more than the recommended daily limit, you may experience some drowsiness, upset stomach and nausea. We recommend a daily limit of 200mg to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of CBD with none of the side effects. A 2011 review into CBD oil safety found that it was very well tolerated by humans, even in high doses of up to 1,500mg per day.


CBD dosage guidelines

The best advice we can give when exploring CBD for the first time is to start low and go slow. This should be an enriching experience. CBD isn’t a quick fix solution, and you should take your time to learn how it interacts with your body and what works best for you.

There are other factors that will determine how your body responds to CBD oil. Your gender, age, height/ weight and experience with CBD should all play a role in determining your CBD dosage.

Gender: Studies are still ongoing, but it is thought that hormonal differences impact the way both men and women experience CBD oil. Preliminary research suggests that men experience a more noticeable physical impact while women notice more of a mental impact.

Height and Weight: If you are larger and taller, you will need a higher dose of CBD oil to have the same impact as someone smaller and shorter than you. The reasoning is simple; as CBD oil interacts with endocannabinoid receptors, if you are larger, you will have more of them. For this reason, those with a larger frame should consider a higher dosage than those with a smaller frame. Again, this is why it helps to start low and go slow.

Age: Your metabolism plays an important role in how CBD is processed, broken down, and carried through the body. As we get older, our metabolism typically slows down. This means that those with more candles on their birthday cake will typically have to wait a little longer to feel the effects. Some older people may increase their dosage to take this into account.


How much CBD oil should I take?

First time CBD users often find success with the 300mg or 500mg CBD oil. Each bottle contains 30 servings, and a single pipette is 1ml. In the 300mg bottle, a serving contains around 10mg of CBD and in the 500mg bottle, a serving contains 17mg of CBD.

If you start taking CBD oil once a day and build up to three times a day, the 300mg and 500mg bottles would provide daily doses of 30mg of CBD per day and 51mg of CBD. To put this in perspective, the recommended daily limit is 160mg, so you would be well within this limit.

Some recommend a certain number of mg per kg of body weight, but this method doesn't take into consideration experience with the product. Instead, we recommend following the following dosing guidelines.

Ideal for first-time users
300mg: Approximately 10mg CBD per serving
500mg: Approximately 17mg CBD per serving

Ideal for regular users
1000mg: Approximately 33mg CBD per serving
1500mg: Approximately 50mg CBD per serving
2000mg: Approximately 66mg CBD per serving

Ideal for advanced users
3,000mg: Approximately 100 mg CBD per serving
6,000mg: Approximately 200 mg CBD per serving