Canamis Premium Flavoured CBD Oil

Our high-quality Premium Flavoured CBD Oil is expertly blended with premium natural flavours for a powerful sensory experience. Subtle, exquisite flavours dance on the palate. Our CBD is lab tested for purity and potency, with certified 0.0% THC, no additives and no impurities, heavy metals or pesticides.


Canamis CBD Life + Health Products

CBD oil oral drops are the most popular way to try CBD for the first time. Canamis CBD oil comes in a small dark bottle which helps to protect the delicate plant compounds from sunlight. The integrated pipette in the lid allows you to get the perfect dose of CBD every time. CBD oil is available in different strengths, usually shown as a percentage or in milligrams (mg) per bottle. Canamis CBD oil is available in 300mg right up to 6000mg per bottle. Our premium CBD oils are available in 700mg to 2100mg dosage.

To select the right CBD oil strength for your needs, we recommend starting with a mid-range oil, somewhere around 500mg. As you start your journey into CBD oils, check in with your body more often and try to become more aware of your mood, state of mind and your complaints. By increasing your awareness, you can listen to what your body needs and determine the right CBD dose. Your tolerance won’t increase over time, so once you find a dose that works for you, take note.

Our CBD oils are available in a range of subtle flavours. Since our CBD oil is blended with pure MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) from coconut oil, this offers a neutral taste. The natural CBD oil has an earthy taste, rich and warming with just a hint of nuttiness. We know this isn’t popular with everyone, so we’ve created a range of wonderfully British flavours that enhance the CBD experience. Our premium collection brings together a range of unique blended flavours, reminiscent of your favourite cocktails and summer drinks.

The CBD industry is still young, but there is already so much choice. We created our curated collections to help you cut through the noise and find the right combination of CBD products for your needs. Save time and money with our collections designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Think about what brought you here today, and then select the CBD collection best aligned with your goals. If you need more support choosing the right CBD oil for your needs, see our CBD guide.