At Canamis, our goal is to create the best possible CBD products and make them easily accessible to all. Founder Edward Buckwald has used 25 years of experience as a trusted osteopath to form the vision for his CBD company.

A simple spark of an idea soon flourished into a modern-day apothecary brand. Canamis is the culmination of hard work and passion, with a lifetime of caring for patients at the core of the business. Other CBD companies see a lucrative markup, but we see an opportunity to help people find relief from their pain, stress and other concerns. Canamis will support your journey to health and wellness.

After finding success with CBD oil, Edward recommended it to his patients. They reported back with their own successes. Not the overnight miracle cure many CBD companies would have you believe in, but a perceptible change that improved their health and wellness.

As a healer, this was enough to settle the argument in his mind. If CBD can help people, it was his duty to help more people discover it.

The Canamis product range has grown into a comprehensive self-care offering. At the heart of everything is the premium-quality ingredients and natural scents and flavours. Canamis products encourage you to embrace your senses, with powerful flavour combinations and scent profiles. From traditional cherry to more adventurous combinations like rose and lychee. It’s a comprehensive product offering for every lifestyle and routine.

We’re excited to share these products with you today and can’t wait for you to welcome them into your home. If you have questions about your health and how CBD can fit into your lifestyle, head to our CBD guide for further support

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I’m driven by helping people feel better and healthier.....
I don’t think that anyone is ever better than their mental health”
Ed Buckwald. Founder

I graduated from the much renowned British School of Osteopathy in 1995, winning the prestigious technique award. Since qualifying, I have taught in clinical diagnosis and osteopathic technique to undergraduate and post-graduate students. Lecturer in lower limb biomechanics and prescription orthotics to Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Podiatrists.

I have many special interests of the human body, ranging from babies suffering from birth trauma to adults with sporting injuries. Patients from all over the world have consulted me for various bio-mechanical foot conditions - treating the full spectrum of foot, ankle and body misalignment issues associated with poor foot function. 25 years experience in the prescription and manufacture of custom made orthotics.