The grind of modern life never stops. And our 24-hour hustle culture is having an impact on our sleep patterns. According to the NHS, one in three adults isn’t getting enough quality sleep. And this can lead to a host of health problems, including weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. Prioritising restful sleep clearly has wide-reaching health benefits.

Our Canamis Curated CBD for Calm collection brings together a trio of products we know you’re going to love. When used together, these products can help to create a mindful routine that will help you to launch sleep to the top of your agenda. A flavoured CBD oil, CBD soft gel capsules and a CBD bath bomb will help to remind you throughout the day that your bed is waiting for you.

We recommend starting the day with a CBD capsule washed down with a glass of cold water – we’re willing to bet you aren’t drinking enough water, either. This slow-release capsule will provide a steady dose of CBD throughout the day allowing you to focus on the task at hand. In the evening, wind down with a richly scented CBD bath bomb and a drop of CBD oil.

All of our CBD oil is sourced from Colorado, USA. As pioneers of the CBD movement, they know a thing or two about cultivating and extracting the highest quality CBD oil. We then blend it in thoughtful flavour combinations and into easily accessible products to make your life easier. Head to our CBD guides to learn more about CBD research into sleep quality.

Canamis CBD for CALM

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"Sleep, Sweet Sleep Again!"

Wow! Canamis pain relief cream has changed my life. Before using the cream I was regularly taking strong painkillers to reduce the pain from my back problems which were affecting my job and my ability to sleep. I have been using Canamis pain relief cream for 3 weeks now and have been able to reduce the amount of painkillers I take and if I apply it before going to bed, I can actually get a decent night's sleep

Leah McKinney , London