Canamis 500mg CBD Water-Based Lubricant
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Canamis 500mg CBD Water-Based Lubricant


Heighten your pleasure and enhance intimate encounters with a few pumps of our CBD Intimacy Lubricant. Relax and let go in the bedroom with the help of our Relaxation Range. This body-safe, water-based lubricant will perk up any bedroom encounter. The broad-spectrum 500mg CBD enriched intimacy lubricant is delicately scented with ylang-ylang, lavender and chamomile to ignite your senses. Stash this discreet little bottle in your nightstand to enhance any intimate moments. Pair with our Massage Oil for the ultimate night in.

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Canamis 500mg CBD Water-Based Lubricant CBD Relaxation Range

Premium-quality CBD oil and natural essential oils combine to create this indulgent and intimate lubricant. Enhance every touch with just a few pumps of this CBD intimacy lubricant. Ylang-ylang is a bright and floral scent that pairs perfectly with the delicate lavender and chamomile essential oils. With a hemp seed oil base, this lubricant will allow you to let go and embrace the moment as the silky soft oil glides over the skin. Our vegan-friendly and organic formulation is kind to the skin and easy to clean up, so no more worrying about your bedsheets. CBD is a natural vasodilator, which means blood vessels become wider and blood rushes to the area. This can increase sexual pleasure for everyone involved, allowing couples to relax and be present in the moment. This CBD lubricant offers friction-free satisfaction with every long-lasting drop. CBD lubricant can help to increase arousal and heighten your senses, making every touch feel more intense and pleasurable.
Features Contains 500mg of CBD per 100ml Certified 0.00% THC Made with broad-spectrum CBD oil Hemp seed oil base

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